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May 08, 2023


The receptionist is the first point of contact for visitors and clients and, as such, must be accessible at all times. In a law firm, the receptionist is responsible for business phone answering and routing them to the appropriate parties, including taking messages. As an attorney, a virtual receptionist services offers various services and can improve your ability to manage incoming calls, adding professionalism to client-facing communications. 

In the recent past, companies have started discovering the importance of outsourcing a business phone answering service. As a result, they save time, money, and resources thanks to the benefits of their services. What’s more, they found themselves improving customer service and capturing more sales opportunities. Here are some advantages you will get as an attorney by hiring the best virtual receptionist for your firm

It Enables You to Manage Your Time Better

Answering phone calls, dealing with customer inquiries, and scheduling appointments are some of the tasks a business has to fulfill on a daily basis. However, an attorney may need more bandwidth to tackle these tasks while accomplishing office duties. Attending to client phone calls and scheduling appointments while accomplishing company goals is also cumbersome. By getting virtual receptionist services, you can shift these responsibilities elsewhere, focusing on bigger tasks rather than handling tasks that keep you from being productive. 

Saves You Money 

Hiring an in-house receptionist means you have to devote company resources to training, taxes, benefits, and other employee-related expenses. Hiring an attorney answering service can accomplish many things at a fraction of the cost. A full-time receptionist can be costly in the long run. With holidays, sick leave, and overtime, full-time receptionists cost thousands of dollars per year. On the other hand, virtual receptionists have no benefit packages or payroll taxes to worry about.

Available Around the Clock, 365 Days a Year

In-house receptionists are only available within the set working hours. Calls that come when they are away from their desks often go unanswered. Therefore, only some clients available during working hours will get the needed services and attention. Virtual receptionists are often accessible most of the day, whether the office is open or not. 

Another benefit is that virtual receptionists are always hired as part of an outsourced team and can always be made accessible. Whereas in-house employees can leave clients hanging during sick leave, temporary leave, and vacations, virtual receptionists are always available on the other end of the line.

Virtual Receptionists are Well Trained and professional

Many virtual receptionists have already been trained in client support, professionalism, and most of the skills needed to do their work effectively. Instead of having to train receptionists and hope they work to handle important tasks like dealing with clients, you can rest assured that a business phone answering service will handle your clients diligently and with the professionalism required. This is because most of them have already been well-trained and vetted, so they will handle their work competently. 

Make Appointment Schedules More Efficient

Setting appointments can be time-consuming, especially if many employees handle it in different systems. By delegating the duty to a virtual receptionist, the appointment-setting process is unified. Every stakeholder is kept up to date through automatic notifications and shared schedules. Some virtual receptionists can even send appointment reminders to minimize no-shows and cancellations at the last minute.

Insights for expanding your business

Do you wish you knew more about your current consumer or client base? What about prospective clients? Virtual receptionist services can provide answers and insights into these queries. They gather crucial information from clients and website users and convert it into useful insights.

The best virtual receptionist services can inform you:

  • What customers are truly looking for when they contact your company
  • What emotions your callers and internet users are experiencing 
  • What days and times are your busiest
  • Who are your buyers and leads
  • What are people’s concerns and objections before they test your service
  • What information on your website might need to be included

Ready to take your practice to the next level?

With our attorney answering service, you can. Your callers and online visitors speak with competent professionals whenever they contact you. Our team of virtual receptionists has assisted hundreds of lawyers in providing better client experiences, standing out in the market, connecting with prospects, and maximizing their potential. 

With our range of flexible plans, you can save time and money while improving the client experience. Get started right away and see how Posh makes a difference.

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