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May 09, 2024


We understand the unique challenges and demands of running a successful practice in this industry. That’s why we offer customized virtual receptionist services designed to meet the diverse needs of various health and wellness businesses. From massage therapists to nutritionists, chiropractors to yoga studios, our team is here to support you every step of the way. 

Are you health and wellness professional looking to take your business to the next level? 

Posh: our innovative answer to the perennial challenge of managing calls efficiently. Designed to liberate businesses nationwide from phone distractions, Posh boasts cutting-edge software and an intuitive app. It’s not just slick; it’s incredibly slick. This proprietary technology is the cornerstone of our premium yet cost-effective live receptionist services. We’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years, and Posh is the culmination of our journey—a testament to our commitment to helping businesses thrive. 

Let’s explore how five different types of health and wellness businesses can benefit from live answering services. 

Massage Therapists

As a massage therapist, your focus is on providing relaxation and healing to your clients. However, managing phone calls and scheduling appointments can often disrupt your flow. With POSH’s live answering service specifically tailored for massage therapists, you can enjoy uninterrupted sessions while our team handles your calls with professionalism and care. Whether it’s booking appointments, answering inquiries about your services, or providing information about your practice, our answering service for massage therapists ensures that your clients receive the attention they deserve.


Nutritionists play a crucial role in helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized dietary guidance. However, managing client inquiries and appointment scheduling can be time-consuming. With POSH’s virtual receptionist service, nutritionists can focus on creating tailored meal plans and counseling sessions, knowing that our team is efficiently managing their communication channels. Whether it’s handling inquiries about services or coordinating appointments, our virtual receptionists ensure that your clients receive the support they need to succeed on their wellness journey.


Chiropractors specialize in providing holistic care to promote spinal health and overall well-being. However, managing phone calls and scheduling appointments can detract from patient care. With POSH’s live answering service for small businesses like chiropractic clinics, practitioners can focus on delivering high-quality treatments while our team takes care of their communication needs. Whether it’s scheduling adjustments, answering questions about treatment options, or providing information about your practice, our virtual receptionists ensure a seamless experience for your patients.

Yoga Studios

Yoga studios provide a sanctuary for individuals seeking physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. However, managing class registrations and inquiries can be challenging, especially during busy periods. With POSH’s virtual receptionist service, yoga studio owners can focus on creating transformative experiences for their students while our team handles the logistics. Whether it’s booking class reservations, answering questions about class schedules, or providing information about membership options, our virtual receptionists ensure that your studio runs smoothly.

Holistic Wellness Centers

Holistic wellness centers offer a range of alternative therapies and healing modalities to promote holistic well-being. However, managing client inquiries and appointment scheduling across multiple practitioners can be complex. With POSH’s virtual receptionist service, holistic wellness centers can streamline their operations and provide a cohesive experience for their clients. Whether it’s coordinating appointments with different practitioners, answering questions about services offered, or providing information about workshops and events, our virtual receptionists ensure that your center remains a beacon of healing and transformation.

Say goodbye to phone woes and hello to productivity with Posh. 

No matter the specialty, your staff and clientele deserve the best live answering service for small businesses. A partnership with Posh means you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care to your clients – while we take care of the rest. Experience the difference that POSH can make for your health and wellness businesses today.

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