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Though often half the price of our competitors, Posh plans never compromise on professionalism. With 24/7 live answering and access to our mobile app and portal, you can always stay up to date even when you’re on the go.

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0 receptionist minutes

Per month $1.99/ per minute



50 receptionist minutes

Per month $1.95/ per add. minute



100 receptionist minutes

Per month $1.90/ per add. minute



200 receptionist minutes

Per month $1.87/ per add. minute



500 receptionist minutes

Per month $1.77/ per add. minute


You can't be in two places at once.

Included in all Posh Virtual Receptionist plans at no additional cost:

  • 24/7 Availability

    A Posh receptionist is available to answer calls for your business whenever you like, including after-hours and on-demand.

  • Texting and Calling

    Use the Posh app to text or call anyone from your business number while keeping your personal cell number private.

  • Call Handling

    Simply tap the app to set your status. This tells us whether you would like relevant calls transferred to you or if you are busy. If you are unavailable, we will handle things per your instructions.

  • Voicemail

    Each Posh account offers voicemail for your business that includes transcription capabilities.

  • Message Management

    All messages are logged in the Posh app and online portal. You can also choose to receive your messages via email or text if you prefer.

  • Contacts

    Sync your in-app contacts with your phone’s native contacts to streamline communication.

  • Integrations

    We can integrate with your preferred software to perform additional tasks like appointment scheduling and lead intake.

  • Task Assistant

    Need to provide or gather additional info from your contacts? Your Posh receptionist can make outbound calls on your behalf when you request an assist.

  • Full Customization

    We don’t try to fit any businesses into a box. Each account gets a custom setup and ongoing support from our client success team.

  • Security

    To protect all your data, Posh requires a unique login and password to access messages and manage your account through the app or portal.

  • Unlimited Users

    Our virtual receptionist pricing is based on receptionist time, not number of users. Add as many users as you need!

  • Switchboard Solutions

    First impressions matter, Posh provides a customized Switchboard Solution with meaningful and measurable results. Delivered with flair and elegance.


Here are some of the most common questions people
ask about Posh Virtual Receptionist costs and plans.

How does pricing work?

All our virtual receptionist pricing plans are based on receptionist minutes. Pick the monthly package that best fits your requirements and you’re effectively just paying for the time a receptionist spends handling a call, scheduling an appointment, following up with your client, or sending you a message. All billing details can be reviewed through the Posh portal so there are no surprises.

Can you help me understand what I get with the Chic plan?

Unlike our other monthly plans that include an allotment of receptionist time, the Chic plan isn’t “pre-loaded” with any minutes. It starts at a base rate of $64 per month and then you pay an additional $1.99 for each receptionist minute you use. For example, if you are on the Chic plan and use 15 minutes during the month, your bill (before taxes) would be calculated like this:
(15 minutes x $1.99) + $64 = $93.85.

The Chic plan is ideal for businesses that expect Posh to handle a small number of calls. It’s also a great plan to start on if you aren’t sure what your call volume is. You can always upgrade to a different plan that includes the right amount of virtual receptionist minutes.

What are receptionist minutes?

Receptionist minutes are counted as the time a Posh Virtual Receptionist spends on the phone with your callers or the time spent completing an activity for your account. If you are trying to figure out how many receptionist minutes you will use, contact us and one of our representatives can help you get a good estimate based on your call volume and how you would like your calls handled.

Are there any other fees?

Nope. We believe that the cost of a virtual receptionist service should be straightforward and transparent. Posh is not one of those providers that is going to nickel and dime clients. All our plans include all features at no additional cost.

What is your billing cycle?

Our cost effective plans operate on a true monthly billing cycle. When you’re comparing virtual reception vendors, keep an eye out for those that use a 28-day billing cycle. That billing practice basically allows them to sneak in an extra invoice each year, which can cost you more in the long run.

Is there a minimum required contract?

Flexibility is important. That’s why we don’t lock our clients into long-term contracts. We operate on month-to-month agreements. If you ever wish to discontinue your Posh Virtual Receptionist service, just let us know. Otherwise, we’ll keep earning your business every month.

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