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Jun 02, 2022


Contractors have unique job duties that keep them consistently busy and on the go. With these duties, it can be difficult to answer a call right when it comes in; but missing calls can lead to missed business opportunities and upset customers. Instead of letting calls go to voicemail, invest in a contractor answering service. Posh provides a Virtual Receptionist for small businesses that is ideal for any type of contracting business. 

How Virtual Receptionists Help

Many contracting companies and businesses have a large workload that prevents them from being able to answer the phone all the time. In some cases, there is no central office where a receptionist could work. That limits the resources available to the business. Instead of spending money on an office and a receptionist, virtual receptionists have become a popular option among contractors. Answering service for contractors take away the stress of missing important calls, losing potential clients, and dealing with administrative work. A virtual receptionist can take care of all of that and more.

How Virtual Receptionist Helps Contractors

As mentioned above, virtual receptionist for Contractors is becoming a popular choice among contractors and small business owners. The reason is it helps businesses save money, spend more time on work, and streamline communications. However, for each contracting service, the benefits and priorities may be different. 


In the everyday life of an electrician, you can be hopping from job site to job site wiring buildings, reviewing blueprints, testing sockets, and planning for upcoming projects. Answering your phone while in the middle of a job can decrease productivity and be dangerous. With an electrician phone answering service, you don’t have to worry about phone calls until you have the time to review them. You hold the power in your hands—literally. 

A virtual receptionist will answer calls and direct them according to your requests. If you are busy, just put your availability to busy—a virtual receptionist will address the caller’s questions, take a message, or direct them to the appropriate person. Then when you have time, you can review the call log from your phone and make any return calls. Similarly, a virtual receptionist can schedule any meetings or consultations for you and ensure that you always have a busy schedule. That way, you never have to miss out on any business.

HVAC Virtual Receptionist

As an HVAC business, you understand how important calls are. One missed call can lead to a sweaty, upset customer that chooses another company to fix their system. Never miss calls again with a 24-hour call answering service. Now, even when a customer calls outside of business hours, a virtual receptionist can set up a service appointment for the next morning. 

This attentive and caring approach to customer service reflects well on your company and can even lead to future business opportunities. So, whether you are installing an all-new industrial system, or moving from house to house to make repairs, and HVAC virtual receptionist can ensure your customer’s concerns are addressed.

General Contractors

General contractors are like the conductors of an orchestra. They order the proper materials, arrange drop-off/pick-up times, draw up blueprints, communicate with other contractors, create employee schedules, and bring a project to completion. All of these moving parts work together like fine-tuned piece of equipment. If any of the pieces stop working (i.e. materials don’t show up on time), the entire project is pushed back, money is lost, and time is wasted. A virtual receptionist can help ensure all the parts are working properly. 

With scheduling assistant, virtual receptionist can keep track of shipments, drop-off times, and appointments—ensuring that all details are properly considered. Similarly, if a contractor has to push back a meeting time, they can notify the proper people and make sure schedules are re-arranged accordingly. This increases productivity and prevents projects from going off-track.

Contractor Answering Service from Posh

Posh offers live answering services for small businesses. All of our virtual receptionists are knowledgeable about the contracting business and understand the unique needs of the industry. So, whether you are an electrician, an HVAC technician, or a general contractor, our virtual receptionists have the expertise to address your customer’s questions and concerns. 

Plus, with our Posh app, you have a world of opportunities right at your fingertips. Working on-site? Set your availability right in the app. Need to make a call but don’t want the customer knowing your personal phone number? The Posh app keeps your personal number private and sends messages/calls from the business number. Want to check what calls you missed? Our virtual receptionists will send a message to your preferred location (phone, email, text, app) detailing any missed calls. 

Discover how much easier running your business can be with the help of Posh’s Virtual Receptionist service for Contractors. Still hesitant? Sign up for our free, no-obligation 7-day trial

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