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What Posh Offers

Virtual Receptionist Services

Posh Virtual Receptionists are trained to provide a high level of service and professionalism on each and every call. Start your free trial today and learn how Posh Virtual Receptionists will save you time and help your business succeed.

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Our Virtual Receptionist Services

Posh Receptionist

Tell us about your business and the services you provide, and we’ll take it from there. With this first-hand knowledge in our pocket, your callers will never know we aren’t sitting right there in your office.

100% Live Answering

Friendly, professional, and engaging, Posh receptionists are expertly trained to make the first impression — and each one after — one to remember. Your calls can be answered 24/7/365 through live answering anytime you need us. It’s up to you.

Keep Your Business Number

Simply forward your lines and we’ll take it from there. During the day or after hours, we always have you covered.

Customized Call Handling

Need our remote secretary team to screen calls? Forward an important caller? Your wish is our command. We can stay in close contact via the Posh mobile app and portal.

Appointment Reminders

Our virtual secretaries can make outbound calls to your clients upon request. Send us a quick task request right from your Posh app and consider it done.

Time Saving

With Posh handling your calls and booking your appointments, you’ll get valuable hours back in your day to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Easy Posh app to schedule calls

Posh Virtual Receptionist
App and Portal Features:

Set Your Status

With the Posh app you can easily change your status on the fly or schedule it in advance. We’ll handle the rest. Are you accepting calls? Busy in a meeting? Out for the day? You decide how and when Posh steps in to answer!

Posh app to schedule calls with Law Firms

and Messages

You’ll receive a notification whenever our remote receptionists have taken a new message for you. Call details, messages, voicemails, and voicemail transcriptions are all at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Small business team meeting with 24/7 answering service

Private Calling
and Texting

Don’t sacrifice the privacy of your personal cell number. Use the Posh app to securely call or text your contacts using your Office or Posh business number.

Virtual receptionist handling call answering for small business

Who We Serve

We’re in the business of helping your business succeed. Whatever your area of expertise — whether you’re a lawyer opening a new practice, a mom-and-pop shop looking to expand, or a small startup paving their own way — Posh virtual receptionist services can help take your company to the next level.

Our Specialties

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Any Small Business

Virtual Receptionist Pricing Plans


Though often half the price of our competitors, Posh plans never compromise on professionalism. With 24/7 live answering and access to our mobile app and portal, you can always stay up to date even when you’re on the go.


Good for startups

0 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$2.20/minute

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Good for entrepreneurs

50 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$2.10/additional

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Good for small businesses

100 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$2.04/additional

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Good for medium-sized

200 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$1.97/additional

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Good for medium-sized

350 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$1.90/additional

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Good for large businesses

500 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$1.85/additional

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Good for enterprise

1000 Receptionist minutes

andplus CA$1.79/additional

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*Effective 1/1/24
Chïc | from CA$64.00/ pm
and CA$2.20/minute
Good for startups
0Receptionist minutes included
Vogue | from CA$119.00/ pm
plus CA$2.10/additional minute
Good for entrepreneurs
50Receptionist minutes included
Most popular
Elegant | from CA$204.00/ pm
plus CA$2.04/additional minute
Good for small businesses
100Receptionist minutes included
Luxurious | from CA$394.00/ pm
plus CA$1.97/additional minute
Good for medium-sized businesses
200Receptionist minutes included
Prestigious | from CA$664.00/ pm
plus CA$1.90/additional minute
Good for medium-sized businesses
350Receptionist minutes included
Lavish | from CA$924.00/ pm
plus CA$1.85/additional minute
Good for large businesses
500Receptionist minutes included
Exclusive | from CA$1,794.00/ pm
plus CA$1.79/additional minute
Good for enterprise
1000Receptionist minutes included
*Effective 1/1/24

Posh Virtual Receptionist Service Reviews

We never get tired of that 5-star feeling. Our entire team gets excited when we receive reviews of our virtual secretary service like these:

“Posh has been amazing. I’ve worked with a handful of other virtual receptionists over the years, but never quite found the right fit. From the first meeting with Posh, their team has been proactive, smart, approachable, and a joy to work with.”

Ben Brickweg


“As my call volume increased, I needed help answering calls and taking messages. When a potential new client calls, their first impression of your business is based on the person answering the phone so I was careful when choosing who to hire. Rather than hire a full-time secretary, I decided to try Posh. I have been very pleased with the results. I have found the virtual receptionist to be much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time secretary. I have also found that I have a higher conversion rate with first-time callers since Posh has been answering my phones compared to calls going to voicemail. In addition, my clients report a positive experience when they call. Many have told me the receptionist was very friendly and professional. I also have found the Posh App to be very convenient. Posh has turned out to be the perfect solution for my office.”

Pete Louden

Louden Law PLLC

“Posh Virtual Receptionists have been very helpful! They never miss a phone call and it was easy to get started. We really appreciate them filling the gap when we are short-staffed in the office.”

Valerie Rawls

TeamUp Counseling

“Amazing service! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with this company. Making sure your staff is an extension of you is beyond challenging, so when you find that it’s fantastic and deserves praise. They care about your business and they want to get it right. I highly recommend them if you need a higher level of customer service to help when your front desk isn’t available or to use after hours etc. They are fantastic as a virtual receptionist and so good that your clients/patients aren’t even aware that they aren’t sitting at your clinic or office in person. I not only get alerts with detailed information, I can actually call someone back from my personal cell phone and the customer doesn’t see my personal number, they see the name of my business. They’ve thought of everything….it’s pretty amazing. Highly recommend.”

Jeanette Ryan

All Things Vain Medi Spa

“Posh was the perfect answer for our ever on the go construction company. Super easy to set up, each employee has their own app, phone calls directed to where WE want them to go. The Posh receptionists are ALWAYS friendly, efficient, and helpful. Super happy with our decision to use Posh!”

Mary Jaffrey

Coastal Maine General Contracting

“I found Posh via an online search for virtual assistants and answering services who offer Spanish/English (bilingual) services at an affordable rate. I tried the 7 days FREE trial and then I hired Posh. My experience has been phenomenal! They answer my calls 24/7 and accommodate my Spanish speaking clients. I can task them outbound calls to schedule appointments, make appointment reminder calls, and/or for something completely out of the ordinary like scheduling a reservation or other appointment for me. They’ll even communicate with me after a request is completed or to provide the status on it. I can accept calls when I am able to and when I am unable to the Posh receptionist will appropriately schedule a client or route it based on my personalized protocols. I researched tons of places- virtual and local- and Posh offered the best service for the best affordability. Posh has made Key Rose, LLC more efficient and smoothly run!”

Dr. Monique Martinez-Quiros

Key Rose, LLC

“We started working with Posh Virtual Receptionists at our law firm in early 2021 to help navigate a rapidly changing virtual world. It was easy to see right away that their customer service is unmatched. Calls are always answered and handled in the best way, and even if our team can’t answer them at the moment, the virtual receptionists always take detailed notes and promptly transfer our potential clients. We here at The Tuke Firm are so thankful for Posh!”

Esse Tuke

The Tuke Firm

“I came across Posh while searching for a virtual call center/receptionist to offer 24/7/365 scheduling to my clients. I couldn’t find another call service that offered better prices. After filling out a simple form and providing a call script, my sales specialist quickly reached out to me. Pamela, goes by Skye, did an amazing job! Skye was very detailed and specific with her questions making the whole process smooth and easy. She was courteous, professional, and timely as well. Anyone working in the customer service industry knows how hard it can be to find a person with great customer service skills. Thanks to Her, I feel much more comfortable with Posh representing my company and look forward to our future work together.”

Jordan Ramsey