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Nov 04, 2021


When it comes to the finance industry, time is literally money. Whether you’re working in investments, accounting, lending, or insurance—between client calls and everyday tasks, you’ve probably got more on your plate than you’d like. Sure, you’ve made it this far juggling all your to-dos, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little help managing some admin tasks? That’s where the services of a virtual receptionist come in handy. Here’s your opportunity to learn what a virtual receptionist is, what they do, and how Finance professionals like yourself can benefit from a financial answering service.

What Does a Virtual Receptionist for Finance Do?

Everyone wants to know what a virtual receptionist is and how they differ from a traditional in-person receptionist. We get those questions a lot, so excuse us if this sounds rehearsed: Virtual receptionists are real people—not chatbots—that handle calls and perform tasks on behalf of your business.

The main difference is that, while traditional receptionists work on-site in your building, virtual receptionists work off-site. Some remotely, others—like those at Posh—work in a separate office.

Beyond financial answering services, virtual receptionists should be able to handle just about everything your normal receptionist would handle…minus the lunch runs. Some clients only need a simple answering service, while others might need intake or scheduling services.

Cost-wise, virtual receptionists are typically far more affordable than traditional receptionists, as their services aren’t needed on a full-time basis. That means you’re not paying for salaries, benefits, and other overhead costs. Talk about budget-friendly.

What Do Those Benefits Mean For Finance Professionals?

Finance professionals can’t afford to let information and lead fall through the cracks because they’re “too busy” to take a call, and that’s why hiring a virtual receptionist service is so helpful. Whenever the phone rings, your live remote receptionist can professionally answer the call and handle it accordingly, making sure you’re bringing in qualified leads and ensuring no client goes unassisted.

Of course, no two finance verticals are exactly alike. Let’s take a look at how different finance professionals might benefit from varying aspects of a service like this, depending on their individual needs:

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors have far too much to do in a day between running marketing campaigns, assessing properties, and coordinating contractors. This means taking calls is often out of the question. When you can’t answer calls, callers feel unattended. When callers feel unattended, they move on. You can’t risk missing out on important business opportunities, which is why hiring a virtual receptionist can help.

For this vertical, call handling and lead qualification are two of the most important services a virtual receptionist can provide. The right receptionist should use your guidelines to screen callers and pass along the appropriate details—including things like names, contact information, square footage, financial details, and anything else you’d like the receptionist to capture before forwarding a qualified caller your way.

With virtual receptionist services from Posh, real estate investors can benefit from our Customer Relationship Management integrations. From Zoho to Salesforce, now you can depend on your virtual receptionist to update customer records, add call notes, and track caller information in your CRM. Use your valuable time on more important aspects of your business such as building customer relationships instead of inputting customer data or wasting time on unqualified callers.

Mortgage Brokers

Whether you’re working with new buyers or serial refinancers, the mortgage industry comes with a lot of questions. An answering service for mortgage brokers can help screen your callers and attempt to answer some of the simpler questions or take a message to pass your way. No matter what, your customers—your buyers—want to feel heard. If they don’t think you’re available to help them, they’ll move on.

The virtual receptionists at Posh are trained to handle questions about common loans such as FHA, FHLB, FNMA, and VA loans based on your policies. They can assist people who call you with questions about escrow tracking or processing electronic files for underwriting and handle calls from lenders. A virtual receptionist should be an extension of your brand and your business, serving as an empathetic ear to any caller, anytime, helping quell their concerns as they wait for you to return their call.

Investment Planners

When it comes to investments, the market moves quickly. Even though you’re figuratively juggling people’s futures, they want to know that you’ll cater to their needs the second they arise. So when you can’t take their call immediately, and they’re left to leave a voicemail, they may start to wonder if you really have their best interests at heart.

A virtual secretary for investment managers assuages those concerns—offering a kind, calm voice to callers with pressing questions and concerns. Give them a script, or provide them with details about your business, and your remote receptionist should be able to treat your clients as they want to be treated, giving you more time to focus on developing an investment strategy that will truly benefit them in the long run.

Need to focus on an upcoming proposal? With Posh answering service for financial advisors, you can set your status via our app for accepting transfers from qualified callers based on your availability. Meaning if you need time to focus, just tap the app!

CPAs & Tax Professionals

Few businesses are as personal as accounting. Clients share their whole lives with CPAs and tax professionals. Spending habits, savings, investments—everything is visible, and everything is confidential. These clients don’t see you as a business, they see you as a trusted partner. That trust comes with strings, though, like communication and the idea that you should be available to speak to them anytime, any day.

During tax season, that’s not always an option. An answering service for CPAs relieves the burden of having to answer every single call, allowing you to focus on preparing time-sensitive financial documents. Beyond that, a virtual receptionist may also be able to provide intake services for potential clients—separating those who can afford your services from those who cannot, scheduling appointments, answering frequently asked questions, and even capturing leads. After all, you’re looking for long-term, qualified business and an answering service for accountants can help you get more of your ideal clients.

Insurance Agents

While you may be working on adjustments between typical working hours, emergencies aren’t a business-hours-only concern. Your clients may need to reach out for help late at night, and leaving a voicemail just isn’t a satisfying option.

To help, a 24-hour answering service for insurance agents can answer when you can’t, ensuring your clients feel heard while taking down the important details of their most pressing issues. Need calls to be routed based on the claims department? We can take care of that for you! Looking to track inbound leads? With a Posh virtual receptionist, we can enter new client information and claims details directly into your CRM software.

How are Finance Professionals Boosting Business by Using Virtual Receptionists?

There are many advantages to having a virtual receptionist. Today, virtual receptionists are a must-have for small and medium-sized financial companies looking to boost business. They help build your business by capturing and qualifying new leads; allowing the professionals to focus on more important activities. Live Remote receptionists can also improve the bottom line by enhancing the customer experience, which in turn increases client retention. Finally, they help increase productivity so finance professionals can spend more time on revenue generating activities.

Why Posh?

You deserve the best, which is where we come in. Posh virtual receptionists are trained to handle some of the most common (and helpful) admin tasks. We go above and beyond to ensure your clients don’t know the difference between your business and ours. That’s because we act as an extension of your organization, providing the personality, availability, and expertise needed to keep your clients happy and your business growing.

Beyond that, there’s the matter of cost. Hiring a full-time traditional receptionist is a hefty investment with low returns, but a virtual financial answering service comes without the financial drag of hiring in-house. Luckily, Posh virtual receptionist services are competitively priced, often saving clients 40-50% in comparison to our peers.

What’s not to love about that? 

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free 7-day trial today to see what Posh live virtual receptionist services can do for your finance business.

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