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Janae Robinson


Legal ,Medical


Mar 30, 2022


Virtual receptionists are becoming an industry standard in today’s day and age. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to outsource their receptionist duties while still maintaining their professionalism and client communications. Of the many industries that have been turning to virtual assistants, the Legal and Medical industries can benefit the most. So, why should Legal and Medical businesses have a Virtual Receptionist? Read more to find out. 

How a Virtual Receptionist Helps Businesses

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, many businesses were forced to use remote work. Any non-essential workers had to perform job duties at home in order to keep the population safe. As a result, many businesses discovered the benefits of having virtual receptionists. With a live remote receptionist, businesses can cut costs, increase productivity, streamline operations, and improve customer service relationships. In addition to these benefits, some industries discovered unforeseen advantages to having virtual receptionists. Two of those industries are the legal and medical fields. 

Why Legal Businesses Should Have Virtual Receptionist 

As someone in the legal industry, you understand the phrase “time is money” more than others. With a virtual receptionist, you can optimize and make the most of your time. A virtual receptionist can schedule appointments, capture leads into your existing CRM, and answer any questions your clients may have. Plus, with the ability to manage your availability, you are in control of when and where you receive calls. 

In addition, with a law firm answering service, your clients are taken care of, even when you are unavailable. Now, whenever your clients call a warm, welcoming voice is there to greet and assist them. 

Why Medical Businesses Should Have Virtual Receptionist 

Within the medical field, a missed call from a patient can be the difference between life and death. Through a 24-hour answering service, your business can assist patients any hour of the day or night. This includes call handling, appointment scheduling, call answering, and even emergency services.

With a virtual receptionist and an emergency answering service, your patients are taken care of and directed to the correct department. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your patients, because you know someone is there to address their needs. 

Why Posh is the Best Live Remote Receptionist Service

As you can see, a virtual receptionist can be incredibly helpful and beneficial to your business. However, finding the right 24 hour answering service can be a struggle. Thankfully, Posh provides the best virtual receptionist services available. 

Posh virtual receptionists take the time to understand your business and customers. Whether you are a lawyer who needs someone to schedule appointments or a medical office in need of emergency answering, we can handle it all. 

With a Posh virtual receptionist, you get a 24 hour answering service; emergency answering services; integration into your processes; an app that allows customizable call handling; and a warm, welcoming voice that understands your business. Choose Posh and discover the benefits of the best virtual receptionist service. 

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