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Oct 19, 2022


The holiday season is busy for many industries, but the salon and spa industry, in particular, experiences an increase in calls and appointments. Missing out on these calls can lead to missed business opportunities and decreased sales. Make sure you don’t miss out on important calls during the holidays with a business phone answering service from Posh.

The Busy Season—Holidays

As someone who works in a salon/spa, you probably understand the holiday season. Whether individuals want to look their best during the holidays or look for a thoughtful gift, salons and spas need to be prepared to take an influx of calls. Every year, spouses, children, parents, grandparents, friends, etc., come and purchase a thoughtful gift from you for their loved ones. Similarly, customers who are traveling for the holidays may want to book a last-minute salon trip to get their hair re-done, their nails touched up, or treat themselves to a luxurious spa day. No matter the reason, the holiday season is a busy time. Many salons and spas can expect an increase in calls and appointments. 

The Dangers of Missing Calls

While missing a call may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to a decrease in customers, a dip in customer loyalty, lost revenue, and more. In fact, a recent study determined that 80% of customers that reach a voicemail will hang up without leaving a message. Despite working tirelessly to answer the phone, missed calls will happen. You could be on the phone with another customer, checking a client in, stepping away to use the restroom, or in plenty of other situations. A small business phone service can be beneficial to prevent your business from accruing the cost of missed calls

Benefits of a 24-Hour Live Answering Service

There are several benefits salons and spas can experience when using live receptionist services. Some of the most important benefits for salons and spas include booking more appointments, answering calls after hours, and creating a good first impression on new and existing clients. 

Book More Appointments

Your salon or spa could be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and you would still miss calls. Clients and customers call to book appointments when they have the time to do so. In many cases, they will book appointments in the late evening hours when they have settled in after a day of work. While this may be the best option for them, most salon and spa is closed by then and unable to answer incoming calls. This can be frustrating to clients; sometimes, they choose another salon to book because they answer their phones. These lost appointments can quickly add up and develop into lost business revenue. 

Instead of allowing these calls to go unanswered and missing out on business, your salon or spa can rely on a live answering service to pick up. While your business is closed, you can depend on an after hours virtual receptionist to pick up the slack. As a result, your business will never miss any calls and book more appointments. Even when your business is not closed, a live receptionist is always available to take any overflow calls, ensuring that every customer is treated to the service they expect. In addition, answering services can integrate into your existing appointment scheduling system, such as Vagaro, to streamline the scheduling process. 

Answer Calls After Hours

In addition to booking more appointments, a 24-hour live answering service allows your salon/spa to answer calls that come in after hours. Even if they don’t want to book an appointment, they may have questions about services, prices, etc., that need to be answered before deciding to book. If they can’t contact you, they will reach out to other salons, decreasing your chances of getting their business. When you have an after-hours answering service, your customers can expect their questions and concerns to be addressed at a time that is convenient for them. 

Create a Good First Impression

The first impression a customer receives of your business is essential. It sets the business’s tone and helps them choose a salon/spa that cares about them. To create a good first impression, it is important to answer calls professionally and honestly. If a customer sits on the phone waiting for it to be answered, they can become frustrated and hang up. If they are placed on hold for too long, they can feel unimportant and hang up. And if their call isn’t answered at all, it can form a bad impression of your business. And choose another salon/spa for their services. When you use live answering services, your clients are greeted by a friendly and professional voice. It will accurately represent your business—ensuring their questions are answered, and their appointments are booked.

Posh—An After-Hours Answering Service for Salon and Spa

With the holiday season approaching, it is essential to consider how your business will deal with the influx of calls. Posh offers 24-hour live answering service for the salon and spa. Our friendly and professional receptionists work with you to ensure your business is accurately represented. Your business can make a first impression that counts with personalised call-handling scripts, software integration capabilities, and after-hours answering. Discover how our live receptionists can increase business and help you out this holiday season. 

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