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Janae Robinson




Nov 30, 2022


The coronavirus pandemic has caused high levels of uncertainty worldwide, and one of the leading causes of worry since has been financial uncertainty. This uncertainty comes from millions of people losing their jobs, and an economy pushed into recession. All of these elements combined translate into more calls to accountants. 

The surge in calls to accounts can be a significant cause of stress to an already busy team working on taxes or other worried customers. However, searching for ways to maintain a healthy balance between your employees and clients is key to a successful business. Posh offers an alternative to keep your business running while providing peace of mind to your employees and clients.

Here are five reasons why going virtual can help your business in times of financial uncertainty:

Going Virtual

Since the pandemic started, the world has become more virtual than ever. Therefore, a virtual receptionist offering an answering service for financial advisors would be ideal. Adding this to the team provides extra support. This means that the accountants or advisors have more time to focus on other tasks or have spare time to focus on personal matters. See it as a remote secretary that helps with calls, booking, and assistance 24 hours a day all year round. 

Make Customers Feel Supported

Customers calling numerous times a day because of calls not being answered can cause more stress to them. On the other hand, if someone picks up their call with care and understanding of the field, it can be great for making customers feel at ease and acknowledged. Transferring calls to a virtual receptionist with all this expertise is a significant plus for your business. If your clients are happy, your business grows. 

Booking Appointments

At times some clients prefer to book an appointment for in-person meetings. However, if your staff is busy attending to other clients or matters, Posh virtual receptionist can make the booking for you. Google Calendar, Calendly, and Zoho are some apps you can integrate to make your booking process easy to access. To put it into perspective, imagine you have a full day of meetings, but once it ends, you check your calendar and see your next meetings already scheduled for you by your virtual receptionist. 

Private Number

Accountants might be worried about giving their personal numbers away for fear of getting calls outside their work time. Posh provides a business phone answering service that offers a private number that a virtual receptionist will answer—alleviating the workload of your employees in times of high stress.

Call Transfers

Another major plus is that when you use the Posh app, you can decide if you want calls to be transferred to you or answered by the virtual receptionist. It is as easy as pressing the “transfers on” or “transfers off.” That way, the remote virtual receptionist knows if you are accepting calls. In addition, if the person calling leaves a message, the receptionist will send you a text message with the details. This way, you keep track of calls and clients’ needs.  

Extra Assistance

It can be challenging to put work on hold or postpone a meeting on busy days. But imagine you have back-to-back appointments and notice you need extra information from a client o coworker; your virtual receptionist can help you with that. You have to send a message through the Posh app and let your virtual secretary do the work. Having that extra assistance when the workload seems never to end and calls from worried clients don’t stop can be a reliever for everyone. 

Pick Posh To Assist You

Posh is an answering service for small businesses that makes communication easy. With access to answering phone service, this app makes it easier for small business owners to control their time. The virtual receptionist helps you with calls and bookings while you focus on your daily work. Adding this to your business can remove some of the daily stress that comes from constant calls from worried customers to your employees. Next time you are running on a tight schedule attending to customers worried about financial uncertainty or ready to pay their taxes, remember that your virtual receptionist is prepared to assist you.

Ready to give your employees and customers peace of mind, Try Posh free for 7 days and see the benefits of a virtual receptionist! 

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