Live Virtual Receptionist and Financial Answering Services

Posh was designed with finance businesses like yours in mind. It’s the truth – we created Posh to be the ideal receptionist service for financial advisors who want to focus on their work AND make sure every phone call is answered.


You’re in control with the powerful Posh app. Plus, our team of professional receptionists is available 24/7, so you never miss an opportunity to earn a new client.

answering service for financial advisors

Stuck in a client meeting? Busy crafting a new financial strategy? Knee deep in an audit? Let Posh answer. Focus on the most important task at hand while we turn phone calls into opportunities and represent your business just the way you like.

We’ll give callers a pristine first impression of your company and deliver the best customer experience for your existing clients. We can even help qualify potential new clients by asking the right questions and gathering important details. Your virtual receptionist can schedule appointments for qualified prospects or transfer them directly if you are available. Posh is ready to help you serve your clients and grow your business!

Posh app to schedule calls with Law Firms


Posh Virtual Receptionist services help financial businesses like yours thrive by enhancing client retention, capitalizing on new opportunities, and improving your productivity with all-inclusive features like these:

24/7 Live Call Answering

Customised Call Script

Appointment Scheduling

Call Screening & Transferring

Prompt Message Delivery

Business Voicemail

Posh virtual receptionist app for call handling

Call the shots with the Posh App

What if your whole front desk was in the palm of your hand? That is simply the beginning of what the Posh app can do for your finance business.

  • Tap a button to update your availability to take phone calls.
  • Receive message notifications, create contacts, and review call details.
  • Secure calling and texting allows you to keep your personal number private.
  • Request an assist from a Posh receptionist and we will follow up as needed.
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Posh Virtual Receptionist service seamlessly integrates with the tools your firm is already using.

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Here are some of the most common questions financial professionals ask about our answering service.

What types of financial businesses do you serve?

Our client base has grown to span a range of different businesses in the financial sector. Many of the finance professionals we serve identify with one of these specialties: Accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Advising/Planning, Investment Management, Private Lending, Mortgage Brokerage, Real Estate Investing, Insurance

Where are your receptionists located?

Our talented team of receptionists work at our UK headquarters.

When is Posh available to answer phone calls?

Missed calls are missed opportunities, so we are at the ready to quickly answer the phone whenever you want. Receptionists are available on a 24/7 basis.

How will I receive my messages?

The Posh app will notify you whenever you have a new message. All message details are available in the app. If you prefer, we can also deliver your messages via text or email.

How much does this service cost?

We charge by the minute. You can review our virtual receptionist pricing here.

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