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What Posh Offers HVAC Businesses

Live Answering and Virtual Receptionist Service

Your clients are your top priority, but you can’t always be there to answer the phone. That’s where we come in with our HVAC call answering service. Posh Virtual Receptionists will step in to answer questions and schedule appointments with the care and professionalism clients expect from your HVAC company.

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Remote receptionist standing behind desk small business

Why Use A Virtual Receptionist?

1. Create Business Growth
Virtual receptionists can help your company grow. Having a virtual receptionist answer calls, when you are unable to, means you never need to miss a business lead again. This means more sales and more revenue.

2. A Cost Efficient Solution
A virtual receptionist is a far more cost-efficient solution than hiring someone in-house. They can perform the same tasks as an in-house receptionist, but you are only paying them when you use them.

3. A Positive First Impression
If your phone calls aren’t answered professionally, or worse, not answered at all, it speaks volumes about your business; turning away potential customers. A virtual receptionist professionally represents your business, answering calls just how you would like them to be answerd and creating a great first impression of your business.

4. Expanded Call Coverage
With 24/7/365 availability, you never need to miss a business call again.

5. Improved Customer Experience
Customers want to be heard, not brushed aside by an automated service or voicemail. Virtual receptionists help improve the customer experience by answering calls quickly and providing helpful customer services, ensuring you reatin your customers.

6. Increased Productivity
You no longer need to be continuously disrupted from your work answering calls and answering customer questions. A virtual recpetionist can increase productivity by handling calls, screening them, and only transferring the customersyou wish to talk to.

7. Streamline Processes
With the ability to integrate your existing processes with your virtual receptionist, you are now able to be more productive and focus on what makes your business special.

How Posh Virtual Receptionist Service for HVAC Helps

Posh Receptionist

Tell us about your HVAC business, the services you provide, and the types of customers you assist. We’ll take it from there. With this firsthand knowledge in our pocket, your callers will never know we aren’t sitting right there in your firm.

100% Live Answering

Friendly, professional, and engaging, Posh receptionists are expertly trained to make the first impression — and each one after — one to remember. Your calls can be answered live 24/7/365 or anytime you need us. It’s up to you.

Keep Your Business Number

Simply forward your lines and we’ll take it from there. During the day or after hours, Posh HVAC answering services always have you covered.

Customised Call Handling

Need us to screen calls? Forward an important caller? Your wish is our command. We can stay in close contact via the Posh mobile app and portal.

Appointment Reminders

We’ll make outbound calls to your clients upon request. Send us a quick task request right from your Posh app and consider it done.

Time Saving

With Posh handling your calls and booking your appointments, you’ll get valuable hours back in your day to focus on other important aspects of your HVAC business.

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Easy app to schedule calls

App and Portal Features:

Set Your Status

With the Posh app you can easily change your status on the fly or schedule it in advance. We’ll handle the rest. Are you accepting calls? Busy installing a new HVAC unit? Out for the day? You decide how and when Posh steps in to answer!

Easy app to schedule calls

and Messages

You’ll receive a notification whenever we’ve taken a new message for you. Call details, messages, voicemails, and voicemail transcriptions are all at your fingertips 24/7/365.

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Private Calling
and Texting

Don’t sacrifice the privacy of your personal mobile number. Use the Posh app to securely call or text your contacts using your firm or Posh business number.

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Virtual Receptionist Pricing Plans


Though often half the price of our competitors, Posh plans never compromise on professionalism. With 24/7 live answering and access to our mobile app and portal, you can always stay up to date even when you’re on the go.


Good for startups

0 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.31/minute

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Good for entrepreneurs

50 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.20/additional

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Good for small businesses

100 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.14/additional

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Good for medium-sized

200 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.12/additional

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Good for medium-sized

350 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.07/additional

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Good for large businesses

500 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.05/additional

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Good for enterprise

1000 Receptionist minutes

andplus £1.03/additional

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*Effective 1/1/24
Chïc | from £44.00 pm
and £1.31/minute
Good for startups
0Receptionist minutes included
Vogue | from £64.00 pm
plus £1.20/additional minute
Good for entrepreneurs
50Receptionist minutes included
Most popular
Elegant | from £114.00 pm
plus £1.14/additional minute
Good for small businesses
100Receptionist minutes included
Luxurious | from £224.00 pm
plus £1.12/additional minute
Good for medium-sized businesses
200Receptionist minutes included
Prestigious | from £374.00 pm
plus £1.07/additional minute
Good for medium-sized businesses
350Receptionist minutes included
Lavish | from £524.00 pm
plus £1.05/additional minute
Good for large businesses
500Receptionist minutes included
Exclusive | from £1,034.00 pm
plus £1.03/additional minute
Good for enterprise
1000Receptionist minutes included
*Effective 1/1/24