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Dec 20, 2021


In 2009 Ms. Esse T. Tuke [pronounced like too-kay], founded and established her remote divorce/family law firm. Over the years The Tuke Firm began struggling to answer their growing number of calls and provide their clients with the customer service they deserved. Posh was able to seamlessly integrate into their established processes and create the welcoming environment they craved for their clients. Read more, to discover just how Posh was able to successfully help with Attorney Receptionist Service.

Who is The Tuke Firm?

The Tuke Firm PLLC, is a Michigan-based divorce/family law firm. They have been in business since 2009 and serve a variety of people looking for pre-divorce counseling, child support modification, personal protection orders, enforcement of orders, etc. Clients who choose The Tuke Firm find friendly and kind customer service, responsive correspondence, and a tech-forward organization that is seamless, paperless, and convenient.

Biggest Priority

As their client base grew, The Tuke Firm noticed that calls were going unanswered and callers were being sent to voicemail. Many did not leave a message. So, they began their search for a company that could provide a professional and warm voice to serve as a virtual receptionist Service.

As founder and creator Esse Tuke stated, “I really wanted a human answering every call that comes through and directing them accordingly—or at the very least taking a message—and being warm.” It was important that the company they chose be able to work remotely, provide live answering, and represent the company in a professional manner.

Choosing Posh

The Tuke Firm discovered Posh online and was immediately impressed. Esse stated, “I liked how the visual side of the website provided good energy. It seemed like something worth trying out.”

After reaching out to our team, Esse was matched with our account representative, Skye. “She was very helpful and responsive, and the onboarding process was good. I felt [Skye] was able to give me your value offering and quickly do the turnaround to get everything started,” Esse shared.

The Tuke Firm took advantage of Posh’s free trial and was able to determine if Posh was right for them.“The free trial gave me a chance to try it out without feeling committed. It went well, so we kept going.”

For Esse, it was important that Posh understood her clientele and was able to interact in a kind and empathetic way. “Our firm sets itself apart because we’re nice. People are walking in from the worst situations they’ve ever gone through and they’re stressed out. It’s about kindness and empathy, and understanding that they are human beings walking through the door and not paychecks.” In the end, The Tuke Firm decided to select Posh for their virtual receptionist service.

How Posh Helped

With Posh’s services, such as live answering, a smooth onboarding process, customized call handling, and capturing call information, The Tuke Firm could rest easy. Esse stated, “As a business owner, I need to have that peace that everything will work well without me having to do anything to keep it going.”

Live Answering

The Tuke Firm had previously had trouble with calls being missed or going to voicemail. With the live answering provided by Posh, they no longer had to worry about that. Their calls are answered by a live person 24/7/365. This service fits perfectly with The Tuke Firm’s wish to have a warm voice answering the phones.

As the Founder & Owner Esse Tuke stated, “I realized it was extremely important to have the voice that greets that very first-time caller be warm, pronounce my firm name right, and know that I am a female, not a male. These are things that other places were getting wrong.”

Smooth Onboarding Process

The Tuke Firm works remotely and they needed a virtual receptionist service that could handle a very technologically-based company. Thankfully, with Posh’s smooth onboarding process, they were able to get a seamless receptionist integration in no time. Through the onboarding process, The Tuke Firm provided Posh with a wealth of information that may be important to the client. Esse went on to state, “The onboarding process to get all of the instructions I wanted was handled well.”

Customized Call Handling

As an organization in the law industry, The Tuke Firm has a revolving schedule that can be subject to change. With Posh, they are able to make temporary changes that Posh can shift into and shift back out of seamlessly. Now, The Tuke Firm doesn’t have to worry about shifting calls or schedules, because Posh is able to flexibly adjust to their schedule.

Capturing Call Information

After every call, Posh captures the information into a succinct and informative email or message on their portal. The Tuke Firm uses this information to capture leads, review messages, and ensure they call back any clients that need a follow-up. This has been vital to establishing and maintaining client relationships. Esse even stated, “Having the emails come through after the phone call is good. Just in case we missed anything, we can check our general email and my team can catch up. That part I like a lot.”

Impact on Business

With the help of Posh, The Tuke Firm has been able to grow its client base and maintain its client relationships. The calls flowed smoothly and were transferred properly. From the moment clients dial the firm, they are greeted by a warm and helpful voice. This allows The Tuke Firm to provide an excellent customer experience.

In the future, Esse also plans to utilize Posh’s legal intake service as well. Having a trained receptionist gather preliminary information regarding the caller’s case will take even more work off her small team’s plate. Esse is looking forward to growing her business further, and with Posh answering her calls she will be able to focus more time on this goal.

Esse shared, “The first thing that any person calling The Tuke firm is going to hear is a Posh voice. And that is very important to me because you’re representing my business. I love that I don’t have to worry about or even think about how my calls are being handled anymore.”

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