Live Receptionist Services for Law Firms

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Why a Virtual Receptionist Should Be Your Legal Intake Solution

CJ Williamson

Meetings, depositions, travel to and from court—it’s no surprise that lawyers and legal professionals everywhere are busy. In your industry, time is valuable (I mean it’s literally billable), and try as you might, neither you...

Remote receptionist answers business calls

Featured Articles

What to Look For in a Virtual Receptionist – How to Pick the Right One

Janae Robinson

If you’re in the market for a virtual receptionist, the team here at Posh has the answers to the questions you’re asking. You’re probably familiar with what a virtual receptionist is, but in case you...

Featured Articles

What Is a Virtual Receptionist? Here is everything you need to know

Janae Robinson

It often seems we are living in a virtual world, but you may be wondering, “What is a virtual receptionist?” Fortunately, Posh has the answers to what a virtual receptionist is, as well as how...


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