We are always here to answer any and all of your questions. We believe that there are no
stupid questions, so if you don’t see an answer to your question or want more
clarification, just give us a ring.

Where are you located?

All of our Receptionists are U.S. based and work out of our office in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

How will I know how many minutes I am using?

Your usage can be found on our online portal where we provide up-to-the-minute usage information.

What hours are your virtual receptionists available to answer?

Our receptionists are available to answer your calls 24/7/365. That means we are ready to jump in whenever you like. Want on-demand call coverage periodically throughout the day? You got it. Looking for a backup solution for when you can’t get to a call within the first couple rings? No problem. Interested in an after hours virtual receptionist service to make sure you never miss an opportunity? We have you covered. Here at Posh, we are all about empowering your business with customized, flexible call handling options.

How do I forward my phones?

This is typically as easy as dialing a code and then your Posh phone number from your office phone. We are happy to walk you through this process.

How do you know if I am available to take calls?

It has never been easier to let your receptionist know if you are accepting calls. Simply open the Posh app and toggle your status to “Accepting Transfers” and we’ll transfer the callers you want to speak with. When you don’t want calls transferred to you, tap the app to change your status to “Not Accepting Transfers” and we’ll handle calls as instructed.

You can even schedule your status ahead of time in the app. You also have the option to communicate your availability with our team through the Posh online portal.

Can Posh make outbound calls for me?

We sure can. You can request an ‘Assist’ from our free virtual receptionist app (Available for iPhone and Android) as well as through our online portal. We can do things like follow up with your contacts to gather additional information, or reach out to clients to confirm their appointments. Simply provide us with the details for the call(s) you need us to make. We’ll handle the rest and provide a recap once the task is complete.

Do you offer bilingual service?

We do! We guarantee English and Spanish call answering at no additional charge Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm Eastern. Outside of these hours, if we have bilingual virtual receptionists available, they will of course assist your callers in Spanish.

Does Posh record calls?

It is our goal to present ourselves as if we are located directly in your office and therefore we do not record calls. We do not want to break authenticity by playing a recording to your callers that their calls may be recorded, as is required by law in many states. If this is a feature you require, we encourage you to partner with a 3rd Party to record calls on your end.

Is Posh HIPAA-compliant?

Absolutely! We take great care to protect patient data and keep healthcare providers compliant with privacy regulations. Everything about our service was designed with HIPAA in mind.

How do I integrate with Clio, Lexicata, or Rocket Matter?

We provide many Integrations via our Online Portal. Simply navigate to the Links within the portal to set up your Integrations. We are happy to walk you through this process.

Can you provide Caller ID information to me?

Of course! We provide Caller ID, or ANI information for every call we receive.

What will my messages look like and what information is provided?

We can customize the information our virtual receptionists gather from your callers. However, each message we send will include basic system generated information for your Call Details and Message Status.