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Aug 08, 2022


Maintenance requests, questions, and concerns—oh my! As a property manager, you likely have to deal with a variety of situations on a daily basis. Then, when you get into the office the following day, you may have to put out fires, perform damage control, and even assuage angry tenants. Instead of putting all that pressure on yourself, a property management answering service can help ensure that all after-hours calls are answered and promptly dealt with. Posh offers a 24/7 answering service that helps to limit emergencies, improve tenant relationships, and increase your client base.

A 24/7 Property Management Answering Service

Property management companies deal with various requests and situations unique to the real estate industry. Managing apartment complexes, condos, rental properties, and more is like juggling. You must have your eyes on the ball at all times. Even during non-business hours, situations can arise that need your immediate attention. Instead of attempting to do it all yourself, you can use a property management answering service. Not only can they help with after-hour requests, but they can also improve tenant satisfaction, perform administrative tasks, and expand your overall client base.

Handle After-Hour Requests

You can’t predict when calls will come in. Whether it is a maintenance request or an emergency in the building, a 24/7 phone answering service can ensure all calls are handled appropriately. A broken water line, property crimes, and other emergencies require a property manager’s immediate attention, but what happens when a tenant calls after business hours? In these cases, it is essential to have an after hours virtual receptionist to answer phones, handle tenant requests, and dispatch the appropriate team. 

Improve Tenant Relationships

Similarly, your tenants are the most vital aspect of your business. If their concerns are not adequately and promptly addressed, it can cause you to lose occupancy and decrease your tenant retention. A business call answering service can improve tenant relationships and ensure your tenants feel heard and that their problems will be addressed. 

Busy on the phone with another tenant? A virtual receptionist can answer the call, address questions or concerns, and route the caller to the appropriate department. Or, if the appropriate department isn’t available, they will take a detailed message that is sent straight to your inbox, text, or messenger of choice so that you can keep track of it. 

Schedule Viewings/Showings

Many property management companies have weekly—if not daily—showings that need to be scheduled. A qualified business answering service will be able to integrate with your calendar software, updating and scheduling viewings so that you can have a packed schedule.

Increase Productivity

Whether you are in the middle of a showing, dealing with applicants, or helping an existing tenant, the best virtual receptionist will become an extension of your business. They should understand the ins and outs of your company and adequately address their concerns. This provides you with the ability to handle situations and rest assured that your calls will be answered. 

Discover Qualified Applicants

Finding qualified tenants can be difficult. The best virtual receptionist should be able to determine who is a qualified applicant and provide you with a list to reach out to. Now, you won’t miss any potential applicants and can follow up with them quickly. 

Similarly, some virtual receptionists can integrate into your CRM—allowing them to capture all applicant information for you. This ability to perform administrative tasks can be particularly helpful during a busy application season. 

Streamline Processes

Become more productive and efficient with the help of a property management answering service. There are so many processes and steps that occur in the property management space—applying for residency, signing lease agreements, moving in, scheduling move-in/move-out dates, working with cleaners, etc. Virtual receptionists should be able to work within CRM, calendars, and perform administrative tasks that make your job easier. All these processes can be streamlined with the help of a virtual receptionist. 

Expand Client Base

Bilingual receptionists can be particularly helpful in expanding your client base. Instead of being unable to accept applicants because of communication barriers, you can communicate with them seamlessly and effectively. Expanding your client base improves the number of applicants, qualified leads, and tenant relationships.

Use Posh As Your 24/7 Phone Answering Service

Are you ready to discover how your property management business can thrive with the right answering service company? Posh is here to help. We have a 24/7 property management answering service specifically designed to help you in times of need. During the onboarding process, our receptionists are trained to address your tenants’ issues. They follow the proper protocol during emergency situations as well. Plus, with our virtual app, we are only a click away. 

Allow Posh to become an extension of your business—try our services for 7 days for free.

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