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Nov 30, 2022


It’s that time of the year again when the weather gets colder, and your phone receives non-stop calls as an HVAC or restoration service provider. This winter let POSH virtual receptionists organize all your calls to keep your business moving with no waiting for potential customers.  Imagine having a 24-hour phone answering service that picks up all your calls. During this busy season, stay calm and let Posh answer the calls for you. 

Fast Service and Assistance 

Clients want fast assistance from the initial call. The more they wait for an answer, the more likely they will hang up and not call again. Not being available to pick up or sending a call directly to voicemail could result in losing a potential client. During the winter, there tends to be an influx of calls for emergency repairs. Because of this, it is essential to prepare for this season. 

How does a virtual receptionist help?

 While you are working on a job or speaking to a customer, your virtual receptionist answers your calls and organizes the messages for you to follow up.  This makes it easier for you to continue the flow of your business without stressing about losing potential clients to a competitor that answers their call 

Once you finish working, all you have to do is verify your following appointments. Posh has a variety of popular platforms used as calendars. Calendly, Setmore, and Google Calendar are some of the apps you can use on the Posh app to make booking appointments easy.

Restoration and HVAC Answering Services

During winter, contractors working in restoration services are in high demand. At this time, calls may arise, and we have a team of receptionists ready to answer them for you.  We have team members in place offering an answering service for contractors that work with pros like you, so you can lean on us to assist your business communications. Try your Free Trial today!  No more stress about the influx of calls that occur during this time of year because they’ve got you covered. 

Posh also provides excellent results in the HVAC world. With an HVAC answering service, like Posh, your business will be more prepared-more promptly with a virtual receptionist giving the call immediate attention. In this situation, you can ask for assistance directly in the Posh App. For example, you left a tool back at the office and need help from someone on your team in the middle of a repair. No worries; send a message to the Posh team and your virtual receptionist will make the call for you. 

Next time you are in the flow of multiple repairs with the phone ringing non-stop you will feel confident knowing your customers are provided with speedy communication. As well as an organized way to return these messages through the Posh App.   

24-hour phone service

Our team of Posh virtual receptionists is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our virtual receptionists are professional, kind, engaging, and trained to give the best first impression. The best part is that it’s all up to you. You choose when during the day you need our help. That way, when a potential customer calls, instead of sending them to an automated voicemail or missing their calls, have your remote receptionist pick up the call for you.

Take control

There will be moments when calls require your attention for expert attention or want to speak directly with you. With the Posh app, you can press the accepting transfer button to receive those calls. Press the not accepting button if you can’t take calls.’ That way, your remote virtual receptionist will take the message and send it to you. 

The best part is that you don’t need to use your personal number. Instead, you need to select your business number or a number provided by Posh. This way, you won’t receive calls to your personal number and will be able to focus on other matters. 

Posh provides small business phone services that can help you take your business to the next level. With access to answering phone service, this app makes it easier for small business owners to control their time. Next time you are running to attend an HVAC or restoration emergency, remember your virtual receptionist is ready to assist you.

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