A Dedicated Virtual Receptionist for Tech Professionals

As a professional working in the tech industry, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of calls you receive for troubleshooting problems, system errors, and connectivity issues. At Posh, we take care of your business calls and have the ability to filter out the problems that are easy to solve—only sending you the complex issues that require more technical knowledge. With Posh’s after-hours phone answering service, your customers can benefit from our expertise and assistance 24/7.

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Focus on the more complex issues your business deals with and leave the smaller ones to the Posh team. Our dedicated virtual receptionists will take the time to understand your services and provide customers with knowledgeable assistance for their problems. Our virtual receptionist for tech company is ideal for any level of technical expertise including Startups, Software providers, Web Development companies, Digital Marketing providers, and security providers. Posh receptionists become a seamless part of your team and work to increase productivity and client satisfaction through answering calls, appointment scheduling, and call screening. Plus, we can ensure that qualified leads are captured in your existing CRM and that all messages are communicated to you via your preferred form of contact. Focus on the more technical aspects of your job and let us take care of the customer service interactions. In no time you will reap the benefits of having a dedicated virtual receptionist for your Tech Company.

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Posh virtual receptionist services help tech company stay organized by capturing new leads, enhancing client retention, and increasing your productivity with these all-inclusive features.

Securely Call or Message Contacts

24/7 Live Answering

Set Your Availability

Streamlined Communication Channels

Integration with Your CRM

Stay Up-to-Date on Appointments

Posh virtual receptionist app for call handling

Call the shots with the Posh App

Want to manage all your reception and front desk needs from the palm of your hand? That’s what we can do for your tech company with the Posh mobile app.

  • Update your availability to take calls with the tap of a button.
  • Get message notifications, view call details, and create contacts.
  • Keep your personal number private with secure calling and texting.
  • Request an assist from our team and we’ll follow up with your contacts.
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Posh Virtual Receptionists for tech company can seamlessly integrate with the tools your firm is already using.

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Reviews of Posh Answering Service for Tech Company

We never get tired of that 5-star feeling. Our entire team gets excited when we receive reviews of our tech company receptionist service like these:

“Their onboarding process is very thorough and top notch, and they manage to work very well with our phone system not just for us, but also for our VoIP clients as well. Their customer service is fantastic, and very helpful!”

Zachary Kitchen

Digital Crisis


Here are some of the most common questions tech companies ask about our virtual receptionist for tech professionals.

What will my messages look like and what information is provided?

We can customize the information our virtual receptionists gather from your callers. However, each message we send will include basic system-generated information for your Call Details and Message Status.

When are you available to take calls?

24/7/365 (366 if you read this during a leap year). Our virtual receptionist service for tech companies is always standing by, ready to assist your clients and help you land your next big job.

Does Posh record calls?

It is our goal to present ourselves as if we are located directly in your tech company’s office and therefore we do not record calls. We do not want to break authenticity by playing a recording to your callers that their calls may be recorded, as is required by law in many states. If this is a feature you require, we encourage you to partner with a 3rd party to record calls on your end.

How much does it cost?

Posh Virtual Receptionist service for tech companies is often half the cost of our competitors. We have plans starting as low as $54/month. Each plan includes all features with no hidden fees.See all our pricing details here.

Can Posh make outbound calls for me?

We sure can. You can request an ‘Assist’ from our free virtual receptionist app(Available for iPhone and Android) as well as through our online portal. We can do things like follow up with your contacts to gather additional information or reach out to clients to confirm their appointments. Simply provide us with the details for the call(s) you need us to make. We’ll handle the rest and provide a recap once the task is complete.

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