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Feb 16, 2022


After a year in business, Frontgate Real Estate was experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth. This led to more incoming calls than they could manage and lost business opportunities. With the help of Posh Virtual Receptionist, they were able to increase productivity with qualified calls, capture qualified leads, and provide a better customer experience to their clients. 

Who is Frontgate Real Estate?

Front Gate Real Estate is a luxury real estate company based out of California. With a combined 40+ years of experience, owners Jeff Biebuyck and Dana Olmes provide their customers with expertise and a high level of service that is unparalleled. 

Their knowledge is highly sought after and allows them to hold a place in the top 1% of real estate agents in the country. With this goal of providing professional, friendly, and luxury service, Jeff and Dana were looking for a virtual receptionist who could keep up. 

Biggest Priority

In the real estate industry, every call is vital and important. As Frontgate grew its client base, so too did its incoming calls. The team was having trouble keeping up with calls, meaning some weren’t being answered, others were going to voicemail, and even the ones that were answered weren’t input into their CRM. 

This led to a lot of client frustration and even led to missed business. As a result, Frontgate came to the conclusion that they needed to invest in a virtual answering service. 

Choosing Posh

After reviewing a few of their virtual receptionist options, Frontgate Real Estate initially chose a different provider. However, the original company they chose did not meet the standards they have set for their business. The receptionists did not feel like a seamless part of the company, instead, they felt like you were being directed to a call center. 

After another Google search, Frontgate Real Estate took the time to really read through the reviews and testimonials of different virtual receptionist companies. In the end, they were impressed with Posh and chose to try out a free trial. 

After their free trial, Jeff and Dana decided to use Posh for their virtual receptionist services, “They sounded like they were part of our company. They sound like they are sitting at a front desk in our office.”

How Posh Helped

Through the use of Posh’s various services, Frontgate Real Estate saw increased productivity, qualified leads captured, and provided a better customer experience. 

Increased Productivity

When working within the real estate industry, quite a few incoming calls tend to be from salespeople. With Posh’s help, Frontgate was able to decrease the number of non-qualified calls that are transferred and save time. Jeff stated “We can get our calls screened which saved a lot of time and effort. I get vendors calling me constantly. I’d say it cut out 90% of the calls that were getting through that were just sales calls. I know that if it’s a Posh call it is a client or an important call.”

“We can see every call that comes in. I can see how they are screened and who they are forwarded to.”

Qualified Leads Captured

In addition to qualifying all incoming calls, Posh offers integrated CRM capabilities. With this service, Posh is able to help Frontgate capture any leads or client information. Now, when a call comes in and cannot be taken, the client’s information is captured and agents are notified through an email.

This has helped Frontgate provide their current clients with fast and reliable service, while also allowing them to reach out to potential new clients. “With our API, they actually have the ability to connect it to our CRM—which was huge. Because it is more data processing, instead of writing something down and copying and pasting it, we don’t have to do that now. Any notes that our Posh receptionist takes to go right into our CRM—that saves a lot of time.”

Better Customer Experience

Before Posh, clients were becoming frustrated and business was being lost. “We actually lost two deals. Which equaled about $8 million in listings, because of calls that fell through the cracks. And by the time we’d ring them up, they would have gone to the next person/agent. They actually said “I guess I wasn’t important enough to get back to right away and this team did so I’m going to work with them. Because this is a reflection of how you will treat people that are calling on my house.” That’s when I said, “That’s it, we need to get something in place because now we are losing business.” And two deals ended like that which was $200,000 in lost commissions.”

With Posh’s help, Frontgate Real Estate was able to improve its customer service experience and gain more business. “We know if the calls come through from Posh to really jump on it. And if we don’t, it goes into our system, gives us a reminder, goes into our CRM, and one of our assistants can pick it up right away.” This has helped existing clients feel attended to and new clients feel taken care of. 

Impact on Business

Through Posh’s virtual receptionist services, Frontgate Real Estate was able to grow its client base, qualify leads, and provide a better customer experience. With Posh’s answering service, productivity is increased; with our integration abilities, we are able to capture qualified leads into your existing CRM and processes; and finally, with the warm and inviting Posh voice on the other line, they were able to increase their current client satisfaction while also growing their client base. 

“Put it this way, if Posh said, “Hey we are closing our doors” I would be concerned. Because it’s like having a really good employee. It would be big stress because it is something I can set and forget and know that it is covered. And I have actually referred them to a lot of other teams.”

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