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Janae Robinson


Real Estate


Jul 20, 2022


As an answering service for real estate agents, Posh virtual receptionists understand how hectic your schedule can be. Working from the office for the first three hours, going to a showing after lunch, meeting with a client after the showing—you are constantly on the move and making big decisions along the way. To stay organized and grow your business, you may need a little help. That is where the Posh Virtual Receptionist app comes in. With our app, you have all the tools you need to make big moves, keep clients updated, and grow your business in the palm of your hands.

Posh’s Virtual Receptionist Service

Posh is a 24-hour answering service specifically designed for real estate professionals. Our answering services have helped agents close more deals and create lasting impressions on new/existing clients. Our virtual receptionists are trained to represent your business the way you want, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters. In combination with our answering services, Posh provides an intuitive app that makes running your business more accessible than ever.

Get the Most Out of Your Answering Service with the Posh App

At Posh, we provide an efficient resource for real estate professionals. Our app is an extension of our team—allowing you to manage your receptionist from the palm of your hand. The Posh app helps increase productivity by adding valuable time to your day. It also provides flexibility and convenience—you can notify us when you need us. Plus, with some of its unique features, you will never miss an opportunity to grow your business. All of these benefits are kept safe and secure with software that keeps your number private.

How The Posh App/Answering Service For Realtors Helps

The Posh app provides access to various services and features that help you grow your business and become more productive. Designed to be an extension of our answering service for realtors, the app’s features are valuable in managing your day-to-day business tasks. 

Schedule Your Status or Set it Up Same-Day

As a real estate professional, you are not always available to take a call. Perhaps you are at closing, singing papers. Maybe you are showing a client a house or at a networking event creating new contacts. You can set your status no matter where you are or what you are doing. Input your schedule into the app and adjust when you’re available for calls, who can call, and what number they can reach (business or personal). You can also set your availability status for a specific time frame and adjust it on the go. Did the showing not take as long as you thought? With the tap of a button, you can change your availability to ‘accepting transfers.’ Your Posh virtual receptionist will know how to handle incoming calls by checking your availability. 

Request Assistance

As a real estate professional, there are many moving parts to your day, and sometimes things can fall through the cracks. Forgot to send over an inspection report, but don’t have access to it now? You can request assistance from your phone. Your request is sent directly to your virtual receptionist service, which can handle anything you need. This includes updating information on an account, calling contacts, or obtaining information from clients. 

Create New Contacts

Networking and creating new contacts is a large part of your day-to-day operations. As you meet new people, you can access your Posh app, which allows you to input new contacts and information. This lets you quickly capture leads and client information such as their name, email, phone number, title, and company.

Review Notifications

Whenever someone calls your business phone, your Posh virtual receptionist will answer and capture the call information. This includes details about the call, messages, and caller information. All this captured information is sent to you in a tidy message accessible in the app. Now you can review all the business calls that have occurred while you were unavailable, review voicemails, and read voicemail transcripts. 

Keep Number Private

Don’t have a separate phone for your business communications? No problem! When you make a call or message within the Posh app, our software keeps your number private. You can change the number to your business number and even switch out the caller ID. So, even when using a personal cellphone, your information is private.

Benefit From Posh’s Answering Service For Real Estate Agents

Are you ready to make big leaps in your business? Work with Posh’s 24-hour answering service. Our virtual receptionists are available whenever you need them to answer calls, capture lead information, make outbound calls, and perform administrative tasks. Plus, when you work with Posh, you gain access to our state-of-the-art virtual receptionist app that makes life much easier. 

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