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May 19, 2022


While browsing online for a live answering service you may have noticed the wide range of prices for a virtual receptionist. To make the pricing of services more transparent, Posh has created a quick overview of the cost of a virtual receptionist. This includes the overall cost, what is included in the cost, and how to select the best option for your business.

Cost of Virtual Receptionist

When comparing the cost of a virtual receptionist, it can seem like the prices widely vary depending on the provider. In order to properly compare plans, you will need to understand how virtual receptionist pricing works. Pricing for virtual receptionist services is based on minutes. These minutes are the amount of time a receptionist spends on the phone with your callers or the time spent completing an activity for your account. You then select a plan that aligns with the amount of time you expect a receptionist to spend on your account.

In some cases, prices can be up to $200 a month for 50 receptionist minutes. At Posh, we believe that quality service doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why our pricing is often half the price of our competitors. We offer exceptional service at an affordable price. Don’t get locked into a high-cost plan with hidden costs, find a provider who offers reasonable prices and professional service. 

What Comes With The Cost?

In addition to looking at price comparisons, it is important to review the services that are included in the monthly cost. With a Posh virtual receptionist, you have access to customized onboarding, an on-the-go app, and all-inclusive services.

Customized Onboarding

In order for a business phone answering service to properly integrate itself with your company, a customized onboarding process is necessary. At Posh, we take the time to understand your callers, and your business, and form customized “call flow” with scripting for your receptionists to follow. 

In addition, we offer integrations with a wide variety of software that allows us to work seamlessly into your already existing processes. With a dedicated specialist, the entire onboarding experience only takes 24-48 hours to become fully functional. It will make the process easy. 

On-the-go App

Similarly, when you work with Posh, you have access to our streamlined telephone application. The app allows you to access messages, phone calls, scheduling, and more from your mobile device. You can make calls from your business phone number, set your availability, review call logs, and respond to messages quickly and easily. Plus, our app keeps your personal cell number private when you use it to make business calls; so, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked. 

Inclusive Services

Where most live answering services would stop, Posh goes above and beyond. Our low monthly cost covers everything you see and more—with no hidden fees. The only thing we charge is for the amount of time the receptionist are on the line with your callers. All our accounts have access to an online client portal to view minute usage, so there are no surprises on your bill.

All plans include bilingual (English & Spanish), 24-hour answering service to your business. Plus, we offer Posh voicemail services at no extra cost. You can even utilize your virtual receptionist to do administrative work. Input information into your CRM. Make outbound calls on your behalf. The possibilities are endless with a Posh virtual receptionist. 

How to Choose the Best Option for You

Now that you have information on the differences between live answering services, you are probably wondering how to choose the right plan. Start by considering how many calls you receive on a daily basis and what duties you would want your receptionist to complete. From there, you can get a foundational understanding of how much time a receptionist would spend on your account. One of the best ways to determine your ideal plan is to try out the services you are considering. 

Choosing Posh as Virtual Receptionist Service Provider

Posh offers a 7-day free trial to help you get a better understanding of what we offer. We truly believe in the service we provide, which is why our trial is non-obligational. That means, if you didn’t like the service, you don’t have to sign up for it. This remains true for all of our clients. We offer a no-contract, month-to-month service. Every month, we gain your business through our exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We provide a complimentary price estimate based on your usage during the free trial. It will help you choose the perfect plan. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

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