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CJ Williamson


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Mar 30, 2022


This tax season we wanted to highlight a few finance professionals that should use and could benefit from a virtual receptionist. With a 24 hour answering service from Posh, your business can increase productivity and profit margins. 

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is an individual that handles phone calls and other administrative tasks for your business. However, instead of being in the office (like a typical receptionist), they work from a remote location. Virtual receptionists can perform all of the same tasks as a typical receptionist. Also, they are less expensive, available 24/7, and are trained in industry-specific terminology.

Industries that Can Benefit from a Virtual Receptionist

Pretty much any industry can benefit from a virtual receptionist, but we wanted to highlight professionals in the financial sector. This includes tax professionals, financial advisors, and even accounting professionals. Each of these industries should use the beneficial services of a live answering service. 

Tax Professionals

Tax season is quickly approaching and you are likely bogged down with phone calls and scheduling appointments. A virtual receptionist can handle all of that for you. Now, you can focus on your work and helping your clients. When a call comes in, a virtual receptionist can answer it, schedule your appointments, and forward calls according to your availability. Free up the time you have been spending on administrative duties, and focus your energy on helping your clients.

Financial Advisors

As a financial advisor, your day is spent helping clients plan out their long-term financial goals and guiding them on ways to achieve them. Your clients come first and providing them with a warm, friendly, helpful greeting goes a long way towards creating a long-term working relationship. Make the right impression with a virtual receptionist.

A live remote receptionist is able to answer your business phone, assist your clients, answer their questions, schedule appointments, and even collect their information into your existing CRM. This streamlined process provides you with all of the information you need for your meeting. 

Accounting Professionals 

Accounting professionals have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Thereafter, a virtual receptionist can help you focus on the task at hand while still maintaining quality client relationships. A virtual receptionist is available to schedule appointments and capture leads. In addition, a 24-hour live answering service will take care of your clients no matter when they call. Set your availability status and relax, your virtual receptionist will take care of it for you. 

A Live Remote Receptionist from Posh

Certainly, not all virtual receptionists are made equally. A live remote receptionist from Posh can handle all of the above situations and more. With Posh’s 24 hour answering service, your clients are taken care of any time of the day or night. Plus our receptionists understand the specific needs of the finance industry. This allows you to rest easy knowing that we can address any of your clients’ questions or concerns. 

In addition to our friendly and helpful receptionists, Posh offers CRM integration and a useful app that allows you to set your availability and receive any missed messages. In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about missing any calls or letting them go to voicemail because all of your calls are captured in an email message. 

Discover how Posh Live remote receptionist can help you achieve your business goals. Reach out to us today for a free 7-day trial

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