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Janae Robinson




Feb 16, 2022


In 2019, J. Koch Insurance Agency opened a Farmer’s Insurance franchise. After experiencing a significant amount of growth, the agency determined they needed to find a virtual receptionist service that worked for them. With the help of Posh, they were able to shorten the answer time leading to more satisfied customers and increased efficiency.

Who is J. Koch Insurance Agency?

J. Koch Insurance Agency is a Farmer’s Insurance franchise based out of Orange County, California. They serve clients looking for insurance in Property Casualty, Individual and Group Health, and Medicare. Customers who work with J. Koch Insurance will find friendly and inviting customer service with personalized insurance plans.

Biggest Priority

As the insurance agency grew, the team at J. Koch Insurance Agency, noticed that many of their customers were waiting long periods of time to be helped. With only one person available to answer the phones, the calls were going to voicemail or not being answered. Finally, when they were able to get back to them, many customers voiced their frustration.

The biggest priority for J. Koch Insurance was the answer time for their customers. If customers were not being helped, they were losing business. Jason—the head of the franchise—stated, “The answer time has to be fast. Otherwise, I don’t want my customers hanging up thinking nobody answered the phone. If that is not working right then nothing can work.”

Choosing Posh

After reviewing a few of their virtual receptionist options, J. Koch Insurance Agency initially chose a different provider. However, after numerous problems and complaints—including long wait times—they decided to find a comparable service. With this in mind, the agency decided to try Posh. 

Taking advantage of Posh’s free trial, J. Koch Insurance was immediately impressed with Posh’s tech-savvy feel, app, and instant email messages. After the trial, they determined that Posh was exactly what they had been looking for stating, “I had a great interaction with the representative that helped me, and the onboarding was completely painless and quick. It was an easy transfer to Posh. The answering times were exactly what they said, if not better.”

How Posh Helped

Through the use of Posh’s various services, J. Koch Insurance was able to see faster answer times, have captured information in emails, and better their customer service experience.

Faster Answer Times

With one of J. Koch Insurance Agency’s main concerns being answer time, they wanted to ensure that this service met their expectations. “What was happening is it would ring, forward to the live answering service, they wouldn’t answer, so the client would call back immediately. And they are calling back because they aren’t getting an answer on the other line. It’s ringing 5 or 6 or 7 times and no one is answering so they think something is wrong. They then hang up and call back and it repeats again. All of that instantly stopped with Posh.”

Knowing that the answer times were much faster allowed them to rest easy and have confidence that Posh was on their team. Jason stated, “Immediately we saw faster answer times. I wasn’t getting calls or emails from clients asking ‘Are you open?’. That ended immediately. “

Instantaneous Emails

The insurance industry is always busy and sometimes calls come during meetings or while an agent is busy. Thankfully, Posh offers instantaneous emails that capture the caller’s information and their question or concern. “My phone rings, I miss a phone call, and within a matter of a minute I’ve got an email that says who called, what’s the callback number, and what is the message—why are they calling.”

This allows the agency to run smoothly and efficiently, directing the emails to the correct person and giving them the opportunity to follow up when they have a minute. Jason stated, “That email is the golden ticket. Because I can print it off, I can forward it if someone else needs to work on it—it’s just so easy.”

Customer Service Experience

Before Posh, customers were becoming frustrated and business was being lost. Customers would call, be directed to a voicemail, and call back a minute later because they were unsure why their call wasn’t being answered. The constant ringing would interrupt agents and prevent them from being productive.  

With Posh, the calls are being answered by a live person who can direct the caller to the correct department, or inform them that someone is away from their desk. This increased the customer service experience, displaying care and attention to the customers who were calling, while not interrupting the service for existing customers. Thanks to Posh’s help, the J. Koch Insurance Agency is more productive, more attentive to its existing customers, and addresses the concerns and needs of new customers in a timely manner. 

Impact on Business

Through Posh’s virtual receptionist services, the J. Koch Insurance Agency was able to grow its client base, answer all calls that came through, and provide a better customer experience. With Posh’s answering service, all their calls are answered in a timely manner and directed to the correct department. With our email call-capturing program and app, they were able to see any missed calls that came in and determine the next steps. Finally, with the warm and inviting Posh voice on the other line, they were able to increase their current client satisfaction while also growing their client base. 

“Posh didn’t oversell, they provided exactly what I needed without hype, and at a great price. It’s just easy and really solid. I’ve recommended Posh to people at other Farmer’s Insurance stores already.”

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