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Sep 24, 2021


Meetings, depositions, travel to and from court—it’s no surprise that lawyers and legal professionals everywhere are busy. In your industry, time is valuable (I mean it’s literally billable), and try as you might, neither you nor your paralegals always have time to answer every call personally. Still, each call has the opportunity to bring in business. So while you may not be able to pick up the phone, you need someone who can handle legal intake when you can’t.

That’s where we come in: We’re Posh and our virtual receptionists. We are the key to keeping your schedule streamlined and your business booming, providing high-class legal intake solutions for law firms just like yours.

What Is a Virtual Receptionist for Legal Intake?

“What is a virtual receptionist?” We’ve heard that question before. In fact, we hear it a lot—that’s why we wrote an entire article about it. In a nutshell, a virtual receptionist is a real person (not a bot) who answers phones and handles calls on behalf of a business. Some work remotely, from home, while others work at companies like ours with an office location.

A virtual receptionist isn’t wholly unlike a traditional receptionist. The difference is that they work elsewhere instead of in your law office. And, for your industry specifically, our virtual receptionists are able to provide legal intake services like call answering, lead qualification for cases that are relevant to your practice, prospect follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and more.

What’s great about a legal intake answering service like Posh is that our virtual receptionists are available anytime, anywhere. And when you’re ready to take advantage of our capabilities, all it takes is the touch of a button on the Posh app.

How Can Law Firms Benefit From a Virtual Receptionist?

Hiring a virtual receptionist is a good choice for many types of businesses, but can be particularly beneficial for law firms of any size.

For small firms that lack the budget or capacity to hire a full-time secretary or receptionist, virtual support offers the budget flexibility and breathing room you may require. For larger firms looking to save money or focus the efforts of their staff, outsourcing intake work to virtual receptionist services like ours allows you and your team to spend time on the casework you are most qualified to handle.

After all, no firm wants to waste time on the phone with prospects who will never become clients only to fall behind on billable work. Instead of asking your paralegals, office managers, or accountants to handle incoming calls, consider passing that work off to our team.

Virtual receptionists are able to take on many of the most time-consuming tasks—legal intake services chief among them. When you work with Posh, our personable receptionists answer incoming calls with tact, aligning their responses to your brand and business to ensure smooth communication between your firm and potential clients.

Beyond communication, any virtual receptionist worth their salt should be able to use your standards to capture qualified case leads. For example, your firm may specialize in personal injury cases, but a call comes in for wrongful termination or divorce. If that’s not a case you’re willing or able to take on, a virtual receptionist can relay that information to keep your firm focused on relevant, worthwhile work.

What Should You Expect Out of a Legal Intake Virtual Receptionist?

Hiring a virtual receptionist for legal intake is a big step for your firm, so we understand the importance of knowing what you’re paying for.

You don’t want just anyone answering your calls, and we want to make sure you receive nothing less than the best. With that, here are a few things you should expect out of your virtual receptionist:

  1. Personality: We’re not necessarily talking about traits here, we’re talking about tone. You should expect a virtual receptionist to sound like a real, unscripted person. People relate to people, and in the legal industry, first impressions are vital to be retained for work. You want someone who is going to treat potential clients courteously, but you also want someone who can represent your business in a professional manner. Good news: Posh ticks all the boxes.
  2. Availability: Your office may only be open between certain hours, but legal emergencies aren’t restricted to business hours. Some of the best leads come in after-hours, so you wouldn’t want to miss your next big case just because you were out of the office. Posh professionals are available 24/7/365, unrestricted by time zones and business hours, and that’s exactly what you should expect out of your legal intake receptionist—someone who can keep things running smoothly and help grow your firm while you’re away.
  3. Expertise: Posh is, admittedly, not the only virtual receptionist service in the world. We’re certainly not the only ones that work with law firms. But when it comes to industry expertise and legal intake service, we’re among the best. Other providers may only specialize in capturing leads, but Posh offers that and so much more. You want a well-rounded provider that understands the ins and outs of your industry, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Posh.

How Much Should You Pay For a Remote Legal Intake Specialist?

Using a virtual receptionist for legal intake is often less costly than hiring, onboarding, and paying an in-house legal intake professional—let alone an entire team. Instead of shelling out for salaries, benefits, and other overhead costs, a virtual receptionist can be a budget-friendly alternative for your law office.

When it comes to virtual receptionists, it is common to pay by the minute. That means you are only charged for the time a legal intake expert spends handling calls for your law firm. At Posh, we believe that you shouldn’t pay an arm and a leg for a quality legal intake solution. Our virtual receptionist services are priced competitively, and we offer a variety of plans to fit your requirements.

Before you start paying, discover the benefits of a virtual receptionist and request your (totally free) free trial today.

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