A Dedicated Virtual Receptionist for Marketers & Advertisers

Marketing and advertising companies are typically so busy that new leads and incoming calls can fall through the cracks. Don’t let a possible business partner get away—utilize Posh’s virtual receptionist. At Posh, we can help you manage incoming leads, streamline communications, and capture client information so that you are prepared to respond to client calls when you have the chance. With Posh’s marketing answering service, you can capture leads in your sleep.

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As the world becomes more global and interconnected, businesses looking to profit from the expertise and knowledge of marketing and advertising professionals are increasing. Position yourself to take advantage of this influx of customers by offering an answering service. Instead of allowing new leads to fall through the cracks, your Posh remote receptionist will be readily available to capture lead information, schedule meetings, manage communications, and keep you up-to-date. Plus, with Posh’s marketing answering service we can integrate into your existing CRM—ensuring that all messages are communicated to you via your preferred form of contact. With Posh’s help, your business can become more productive, see an increase in leads, and generate a bigger profit. So, whether you are meeting with a current client, working on a project, or busy catching up on emails, the Posh team will be there to make a great first impression. Discover the benefits of having a dedicated virtual receptionist for your Marketing/Advertising company.

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Posh’s remote receptionist service helps marketing & advertising companies stay organized by capturing new leads, enhancing client retention, and increasing productivity with these all-inclusive features.

Securely Call or Message Contacts

Set Your Availability

Integration with Your CRM

Streamlined Communication Channels

Stay Up-to-Date on Appointments

24/7 Live Answering

Posh virtual receptionist app for call handling

Call the shots with the Posh App

Want to manage all your reception and front desk needs from the palm of your hand? That’s what we can do for your marketing/advertising company with the Posh mobile app.

  • Update your availability to take calls with the tap of a button.
  • Get message notifications, view call details, and create contacts.
  • Keep your personal number private with secure calling and texting.
  • Request an assist from our team and we’ll follow up with your contacts.
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Posh’s virtual receptionist for marketers and advertisers can seamlessly integrate with the tools your company is already using.

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A Marketing & Advertising Answering Service Reviews

We never get tired of that 5-star feeling. Our entire team gets excited when we receive reviews of our marketing & advertising receptionist service like these:

“Posh was the perfect answer for our ever on the go marketing firm. Super easy to set up, each employee has their own app, phone calls directed to where WE want them to go. The Posh receptionists are ALWAYS friendly, efficient, and helpful. Super happy with our decision to use Posh :)”

Mary Jaffrey


Here are some of the most common questions marketers and advertisers ask about our business phone answering service.

Are you US-based and are calls ever outsourced?

Posh is 100% based in the United States and we never outsource calls. We have a growing team of talented receptionists who work at our headquarters in Virginia Beach. Stop by and see us if you are ever in the area!

When are you available to take calls?

24/7/365 (366 if you read this during a leap year). Our virtual receptionists are always standing by, ready to assist your clients and help you land your next big project.

How does message delivery work?

All messages are available in the Posh app along with your preferred notification settings. However, that is not a limitation for message delivery. It’s just a convenient option that many of our clients use. We can also deliver messages via email or SMS text if that works better for you.

How much does it cost?

Posh Virtual Receptionist service for tech companies is often half the cost of our competitors. We have plans starting as low as $64/month. Each plan includes all features with no hidden fees. See all our pricing details here.

How do you know if I am available to take calls?

It has never been easier to let your receptionist know if you are accepting calls. Simply open the Posh app and toggle your status to “Accepting Transfers” and we’ll transfer the callers you want to speak with. When you don’t want calls transferred to you, tap the app to change your status to “Not Accepting Transfers” and we’ll handle calls as instructed.

You can even schedule your status ahead of time in the app. You also have the option to communicate your availability with our team through the Posh online portal.

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