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Sep 10, 2022


Give your business a competitive edge with a 24/7 answering service. As more and more businesses open up, it can be challenging to find a unique selling point that speaks to customers. With help from Posh’s professional answering services, you can demonstrate your customer-centered approach to business and reap the benefits it comes with. Discover just how much Posh can help your business below. 

Many Benefits of Offering a 24/7 Answering Service

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Make it easy for them to reach you and get help by offering a 24/7 answering service. This service will have a return effect of increasing customer retention, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and loyalty, solving problems immediately, and opening your business up to global customers. 

Increase Retention

In a 2012 Ifbyphone Survey, 44% of customers stated that they have switched brands due to poor response time to their questions. This means that your wait/hold time can directly affect the retention rate of your customers. Similarly, with the increased use of online platforms, businesses are more likely to develop a global customer base. If a business is only open during a specific time frame in a specific timezone, that can severely limit its ability to retain customers. 

In an article by Bain & Company, they discovered that a “5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit.” This statistic proves that if a customer is impressed or feels that a customer service team promptly addressed their questions, they are more likely to continue business with the company. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the main reasons that customers leave businesses is due to poor customer service. Answering phone calls is a predominant factor in the customer service experience. If customers are looking for services, they aren’t likely to leave a voicemail or call back later. Instead, they will seek out help from a competitor who does answer the phones. 

Your customer service experience directly impacts whether or not a customer will do business with you. A dedicated after-hours virtual receptionist helps to increase customer satisfaction by providing customers with 24/7 support and assistance. This demonstrates that your business is customer-focused and dedicated to each individual it works with. 

Create Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Similar to retention and satisfaction, a business’s customer service experience can significantly affect brand awareness and loyalty. A happy customer is more likely to recommend a business that helps to build brand awareness and create a positive impression on potential customers. In addition, customers that feel they are taken care of and helped are more likely to continue using that service provider. 

With a 24-hour live answering service, your business demonstrates its dedication to customers and meeting their needs when they have them. According to the Geckoboard Customer Service Experience Report of 2021, only 28% of companies provide 24/7 professional answering services. So, by simply providing your customer with 24/7 help, you are already ahead of 72% of companies. 

Real-Time Problem Solving

When a customer is having an issue, they want help, and they want it when they call. By the time you call back during business hours, they have likely already fixed the problem on their own. This can create a bad customer experience and lead to a poor retention rate. When using a 24 hour live answering service, your customers will be helped immediately. Fast and helpful resolution of problems also increases your brand reputation and customer loyalty. 

Serve Global Customers

With the increase of modern technology, businesses can access a wide variety of customers with just the click of a button. By opening your business up to global customers, you are increasing your client base and likely your profit margin. However, opening your business to global customers means you must be prepared to serve a global customer base. This includes offering an after-hours virtual receptionist. 

Not all of your customers will live in the same timezone as you, and if you rely on them to call during business hours, you will be sorely disappointed. You are there to serve your customers, you can’t make it difficult for them to reach you. Instead, you can support them when they need it and at a time that works for them. 

Achieve All This and More with Posh’s After-Hours Virtual Receptionist

Are you ready to discover the many benefits of providing 24/7 customer service? Work with Posh. Our professional virtual receptionists are available to answer your phones 24/7. With customized call handling, after-call reports, and bilingual support, your customers can benefit from the fantastic customer support we offer, which in turn, will benefit your business. No matter your business, Posh can help improve your customer service experience and impress your customers. 

Call now at 833-438-7674 for a 7-day free trial! 

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