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Jul 20, 2022


As more businesses decide to use virtual receptionists, it can be difficult to determine what exactly they do. Are they only answering calls? Can they do more? What can they do? In short, the answer depends on the company you select. At Posh, our virtual receptionists do more than just answer calls, we provide a number of secretarial services—all at a low monthly cost. In this blog, we discuss the various duties and responsibilities you can expect from a high-quality virtual receptionist. 

Can a Virtual Receptionist do More than Answer Calls?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends on the company you choose. If all you need is a virtual receptionist that answers your calls then there are definitely companies available to provide that. However, if you are looking for a company that provides more, there are plenty available. Posh is one of those companies. Our virtual receptionists answer calls and provide other services all aimed to make your job easier. 

What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do?

Contrary to popular belief, live virtual receptionist service can do more than answer your phone calls. When you work with the right company, a virtual receptionist can essentially become a remote secretary. With Posh, our virtual receptionists answer calls, perform follow-ups, correspond through emails, capture lead/client information, and more. 

Answer Calls

Answering calls is one of the many aspects of the job that a live virtual receptionist can perform. When answering your business’s calls a virtual receptionist has a script to introduce themselves to your customer. This customized script makes it appear as though your live answering service is an internal part of your business. Customers are treated with care and attention while their questions are answered and directed to the right department. So, when a customer calls your business, they can expect seamless communication and excellent customer service. 

Client Follow-Up

In addition to answering calls, your remote secretary can reach out to clients to follow up with them. Whether you need them to schedule an appointment, provide them with lab results, or need additional information from them, your virtual receptionist can do that for you. Using your preferred method of communication they will reach out to your customers and collect or provide the requested information. By following up with clients your business is taking a proactive approach to client communication which can increase customer retention and boost profits.

Email Correspondence

Outside of telephone correspondence, your remote secretary can use email to correspond with your customers. Do you have a question form on your website? A virtual receptionist can review the questions and email your customers’ responses. Similarly, you can set up your virtual receptionist with access to your business email and they can take over any administrative tasks of responding to questions and appointment requests. This service allows your customers to have fast and easy communication and allows you to stay in the loop.

Capture Information In Your CRM

Similar to answering questions through email, your virtual receptionist can capture lead and client information into your established processes. Whether you have a CRM or another process for gathering client or prospective client information, your remote secretary is able to capture that information. This saves you time and ensures that no leads to client communication is lost in the shuffle. 

How Does a Live Virtual Receptionist Keep Your Business Updated?

After a day of work, you may want to review all of the messages your received and what your virtual receptionist completed throughout the day. At Posh we believe in transparency, so immediately after any customer correspondence, our virtual receptionists send an email, a text message, or a message through the app detailing their activity. This includes capturing the call information, providing you with the call back number and name, and providing the result of the correspondence. 

Through our proactive measures, you are able to stay up-to-date with the various customer interactions during the day. In addition, you are provided all the information you need to call a customer back and discuss further matters with them. 

Streamline Communications and Improve Customer Service with a Business Phone Answering Service

When it comes to providing a high-quality customer experience and streamlined communications, Posh virtual receptionists are the best at what they do. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable live virtual receptionists takes on all of the administrative duties as in-person receptionists. They are trained to become an integral part of your business and understand what it takes to make your life easier. All of these services come at a low monthly cost based on the amount of time a receptionist spends on your business. 

Are you ready to streamline communications and improve your customer’s experience? Discover how a Posh virtual receptionist can help with our free 7-day trial!

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