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Posh was designed with property management professionals like you in mind.  It’s true—we created Posh to be the best virtual receptionist service for property owners and contractors who want to maximize their land’s potential. When you need a professional, our agents are by your side 24/7 on a sleek, powerful app that allows you never to miss a call from your tenants.  And when your commercial, residential, or industrial property needs an upgrade, we are here to help.

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Stuck in a client meeting?  Busy seeking new occupants, collecting rent, and maintaining your property assets?  At Posh, we know property never sleeps.  Our 24/7 virtual receptionists are trained in the industry to handle your daily communications so that you can focus on your property.  While you’re innovating for the future, our flexible live answering service will be busy turning calls into opportunities and representing your property management business in your preferred, friendly manner.

With Posh serving as your answering service for your real estate, first-time callers get an excellent first impression of your company, and your existing customers are treated to premier customer service.  By asking the right questions, maintaining professionalism, and radiating intelligence and positivity, we will help you secure loyalty in your tenants and expand your business.  If a caller meets your criteria, we can transfer them directly to you so you can have a more intimate experience with your tenants—on your schedule.

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Posh’s live answering service for property management helps owners, maintenance professionals, and leasing agents thrive by capitalizing on new opportunities, enhancing the client experience, and improving productivity with these features:

24/7 Answering

Tenant Relationship Management

Appointment Scheduling

Call Screening & Transferring

Business Voicemail

Bilingual Receptionists

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The Posh App Puts You in Control

Want to manage all your reception and front desk needs from the palm of your hand? We can do that for your property management company with the Posh mobile app.

  • Update your availability to take calls with the tap of a button.
  • Get message notifications, view call details, and create contacts.
  • Keep your personal number private with secure calling and texting.
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Posh’s answering service for real estate can seamlessly integrate with the tools your company is already using.

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Property Management Live Answering Service Reviews

We never get tired of that 5-star feeling. Our entire team gets excited when we receive reviews of our 24/7 answering service for property management like these:

“Moving our phones over to Posh is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Their services are economical, and their professionalism leaves nothing to be desired. Every call is answered by someone trained to answer your phone in whatever manner you wish, and they always sound so friendly and cheerful on the phone. Their app and web portal make everything simple to use too. I only have good things to say about them, and you won’t be sorry if you go with them!”

Josh Hatch

ITs Managed


Here are some of the most common questions Property Management Professionals ask about our 24/7 virtual receptionist service.

What hours are your virtual receptionists available to answer?

Our receptionists are available to answer your calls 24/7/365. That means we are ready to jump in whenever you like. Want on-demand call coverage periodically throughout the day? You got it. Looking for a backup solution for when you can’t get to a call within the first couple rings? No problem. Interested in an after-hours virtual receptionist service to make sure you never miss an opportunity? We have you covered. Here at Posh, we are all about empowering your software business with customized, flexible call handling options.

Can you provide Caller ID information to me?

Of course! We provide Caller ID or ANI information for every call we receive.

Do you offer bilingual service?

We do! We guarantee English and Spanish call answering at no additional charge Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm Eastern. Outside of these hours, if we have bilingual virtual receptionists available, they will of course assist your callers in Spanish.

How will I know how many minutes I am using?

Each monthly plan comes with a certain number of receptionist minutes. Your usage can be found on our online portal where we provide up-to-the-minute usage information. Our plans include all features with no hidden fees. See all our pricing details here.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. We earn your business every month with a flexible 30-day agreement. Beware of any software firm answering service that requires a long-term contract.

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